Fall Praise Season
"It's Not Over"

Fall Registration
August 17 - December 5

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Join our Ministering Dance Team

  • Our dancers will learn the essence of WORSHIP and how it connects through their movement. 

  • Intensified Lyrical Movement

  • Flag Worship

  • Musical Interpretation

  • Biblical principles 

  • Bible Study

  • Leadership Training

  • Unity and Power

Classes We Offer

Embrace Your Love of Dance

Technique Tuesday's

6:00 P.M. to 7:20 P.M.

Embrace your gift, and let's take your technique up a notch. This class focuses on the foundation of dance basics. This is one of the most pristine days of the week, as all of our dancers are guided on the power of sound movement and rhythm. 


Group Work Thursday's

6:00 P.M. to 7:20 P.M.

This class is a favorite among many of our students. Everyone loves the opportunity to explore the new dance moves taught in this class, while also mastering the classic moves. Working together to form beautiful masterpieces for the Lord.

Additional Programs

We change it up!

Bible Study 

Scripture Trivia 

Dance the word

Dance Explosions

Dance Conferences

Traveling Dance Ministry

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